The Best Traditional Food in Ibiza

Ibiza is best known for its incredible beaches, perfect climate, and of course dance music and everything that is associated with the scene. However, Ibiza has an ancient history and this little Mediterranean island has had many people that have visited and left their mark. One way this can be found is in Ibiza’s traditional […]

Formentara Island

Whatever your reasons for visiting Ibiza there are some great islands in the Mediterranean to visit nearby that offer great leisure opportunities. If you are heading to Ibiza for some EDM clubbing then you will probably need some R&R to recuperate after your experience. Many tourists take the opportunity to island hop with Ibiza as […]

Wine & Olive Oil in Ibiza

As soon as you mention Ibiza to anybody they think of huge nightclubs with pounding EDM music. But Ibiza has not always been about superstar DJ’s and hedonistic followers. There are parts of Ibiza that could not be further than the hectic dance scene and they allure travelers with their landscapes, the wonderful Mediterranean climate, […]

The Best Things to Do and See in Ibiza

Ibiza is probably best known for EDM music and nightlife, but it has much more to offer than just this. Ibiza Town has many great things to do and see, and not just for party seekers and hedonists. We take a more in-depth look at some of the interesting things you can do other than […]

Survival Tips for Ibiza – Part 2

Our blog about surviving Ibiza and getting the most out of your Ibiza experience continues with how important your footwear choice is and how much money you will need. In part one we looked at staying hydrated and planning how you intend to party in respect to sleep patterns and nourishment. All these factors will […]

Survival Tips for Ibiza – Part 1

Some people take an Ibiza holiday to an endurance test, and some people have even made a comparison between surviving Ibiza and that of a war. Ibiza is a party person’s paradise, but what type of party largely depends on the individual. Let’s not fool anyone, Ibiza is serious business, trying to enjoy yourself for […]

Reasons Ibiza Is Great for Kids – Part 2

In part one of why Ibiza is so great for families and kids we enjoyed BBQ’s on the beach, went on a jeep safari, took a go at zip-lining and splashed about in a water park near Playa d’en Bossa. In this blog we continue our family adventure in Ibiza by visiting Cala Bonita, try […]

Reasons Ibiza Is Great for Kids – Part 1

When you mention Ibiza to anybody, a picture of nightclubs, beer, loud music and wild parties emerges. But before the invention of the DJ, Ibiza was a very different place, and still there are some enchanting locales on this small island that allows you to get away from it all and relax. Believe it or […]

The History of Ibiza’s Clubs

How was it that such a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea became the Mecca for dance music across the globe? The Balearic isle has been a popular tourist haven since the 1930’s, its rich history and fantastic beaches have drawn people to Ibiza in their droves. An eclectic band of painters, […]

Most Influential Female DJ’s

It’s hard to ignore quite how male dominated the DJ industry has been over the years. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t established or up and coming females that are going to give the men some competition. Far from it. In this blog we will take a look at some of the top […]