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Best Hotels in Ibiza

When we plan a holiday trip, the first two things we tend to think of are flights and hotels. With Ibiza its a little different, because after flights people tend to think of clubs, and then eventually hotels. But a hotel is integral to making sure that the good, if a bit hazy, memories of massive raves, the world’s top DJs and very tired legs, are not spoiled by a bad hotel experience. That said, a truly terrible hotel experience has been made rather difficult to find thanks to a law passed by the local authorities in 2007 that only allows luxury hotels to be built on the island. Nevertheless, not all luxury hotels are created equal, so let’s look at some of the best options to enjoy a moment of rest before and after the rich nightlife.

Casa Munich

Casa Munich is feels more like a compact european cul-de-sac than a hotel. If you’re looking for an AirBnb feel but with exceptional service – this place is for you. Its located within minutes of Ibiza Town, which means its serenity does not come at the expense of convenience. The rooms are both spacious and private, with all the amenities a modern traveler would need. At the same time, it feels traditional and wonderfully Spanish, with the furnishings and interior design elements in keeping with the times.

Sir Joan Hotel

This ultra-modern hotel is located in the heart of Ibiza Town’s old town and represents some of the best contemporary architecture Ibiza has ever seen. Sir Joan Hotel manages to take the most current architectural trends and avoid the mistake of making it feel like a well-upholstered office building. You’ll find the colors and materials were carefully selected to convey a nautical theme, especially the exquisite decking on the terraces and balconies. The interior design and attention to detail can really give some top mainland Europe hotels a run for their money. Abundant use of white marble, wood and glass convey a sense of luxury, mixing it with fantastic views of the old town. If you’re the kind of traveller who would love to enjoy a drink on the balcony overlooking the island, this hotel should be near the top of your list.

Hotel Xereca

A hotel can sometimes feel like a cold enterprise that serves a need for comfortable shelter in a utilitarian way. If you want the complete opposite of that, then book a suite at Hotel Xereca. It has a distinctive “hideaway” vibe, without being far removed from the action. It’s only a five minute drive from Ibiza Town. But the exceptionally calming warmth of its surroundings makes it feel like a private villa. The rooms offer high ceilings and are appointed with stone, wood and soft colors that immediately evoque a sense of comfort. Book one of the nine suites, and you’ll find a huge bath as a central element of the open plan layout, which fits beautifully into the interior complemented by soft lighting. And thanks to its modest size, you’re unlikely to find a crowd at the breakfast area.