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The Rise of the DJ – Part 2

The second part of our blog about the DJ craze, follows on from the Disco sensation that came in the late 80’s. Disco had turned music upside down and the importance of the DJ was now cemented. But also alongside Disco at the same time, the 70’s saw two less mainstream forms of music forging […]

The Rise of The DJ Part – 1

During the last twenty years or so, the rise of the humble DJ almost to legendary status has taken place. These masters of vinyl, and MP3 have almost cult stature amongst their fans, and the artists that produce dance music nowadays are almost obliged to have an endorsement from a top DJ. Be it featuring […]

The Origins of Dance Music – Part 2

The Caister Soul Weekend The “Caister Soul Weekend” was famous for two things: creating the “Weekender/Festival scene” and the birth of the “Dance DJ”. The event crossed all boundaries in terms of social, economic and geographical. People amassed from every type of lifestyle and came from every nook and cranny of the country. For a […]

The Origins of Dance Music – Part 1

We are all familiar with the names, such as Dave Pearce, Judge Jules and Luciano who helped to revolutionise dance music in legendary clubs, such as Pacha, Cafe Mambo and Eden. But these guys are just the latest edition of the pioneers who first bought soul, R&B, funk to the masses. Although because of social […]