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Formentara Island

Whatever your reasons for visiting Ibiza there are some great islands in the Mediterranean to visit nearby that offer great leisure opportunities. If you are heading to Ibiza for some EDM clubbing then you will probably need some R&R to recuperate after your experience.

Many tourists take the opportunity to island hop with Ibiza as their base, and just under twenty kilometers from Ibiza lies the incredible island of Formentara. It is an unspoiled and peaceful paradise that is perfect to re-energize after a week of partying.

There are quaint and charming villages to visit, sparkling waters to swim in, and white sandy beaches to laze away the day. After the excitement of Ibiza, you can easily lose yourself in this blissful paradise.

The Beaches

Many tourists return to Formentara for the stunning beaches and crystal clear waters, and some have actually cited that the beaches of Formentara are among the best in the world. If not the world, the white sandy beaches of Formentara are the jewel in the Balearics. And if you are prepared to search off the beaten track then you will be rewarded with beautiful deserted coves and private beaches.

Famous Personalities

For decades Formentara has been a place for famous people to get away from the madding crowd and have some quality time away from the limelight. Stars such as Madonna, DiCaprio, Bob Dylan, and Jimi Hendrix have all come to the island to relax and get away from the paparazzi.

You can spend your entire vacation on the Island or just pop over for a day visit from Ibiza, it does not matter the island will welcome you whatever. Most people who do go to Formentara Island want to take their time and relax at their own pace, so they get the full benefit of the bliss and peace the island exudes.

Discovering Formentara

On arrival at La Savina, which is the island’s main port and capital, you will be met by a variety of people all offering modes of transport. And it is possible to hire everything from a bicycle to a car, including electric bikes. And since the island is mostly flat many people find that the best way to discover Formentara is by cycle. 

Walking is also a favorite pursuit on Formentara as there are great coastal and inland trails to follow. Some of the scenic views from the cliff tops are breathtaking, and along the way you can visit old lighthouses or discover dark caves.

If you love snorkeling or swimming the clear waters, it makes spotting the kaleidoscope of marine life really easy to experience. Don’t forget your sunscreen as there are not many trees on Formentara and shade is at a premium. But fully protected you can explore the island at will and enjoy the bijou little restaurants and sample the local cuisine. Being so close to Ibiza it is a shame that so many people ignore Formentara, especially since it is the perfect place to recover from a hard time partying on the island, and to get away from the hustle and bustle of Ibiza.