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Places People go to in Europe to Party

Europeans are pretty lucky when it comes to choosing a place to have a fun time, there are so many different countries, cities and fabulous places to visit that are relatively close together. Unlike say North America, Africa and Asia that have far greater land and sea areas between interesting places. Often in Europe just an hour on a plane will put you in a completely different land, with a different language and different customs. What makes Europe such an easy place to travel is the fantastic rail networks and the number of budget airline operators offering low cost inter-city flights.

So which places are the most popular for “party people” to go to?

Dublin – Ireland

Dublin – IrelandDublin, the capital of Ireland, has long been a hot spot for party goers from all over Europe. Its close proximity to the UK means that thousands of “Brits” descend on Dublin every weekend to enjoy the famous Irish hospitality. Dublin is as not as cheap as it once was, and a night out in Temple Bar might set you back a few more Euros than you expected, but the “craic” will be well worth it.

When visiting Dublin, you have to try a pint of “the dark stuff”, which is basically a stout. In Dublin it seems to taste so much different than anywhere else in the world, and a pint of Guinness on Grafton Street is as smooth and light as an ice-cream.

Liverpool – England

Liverpool has a rich cultural history due to its former glory as one of the most important ports in the world. In fact, Liverpool has more “grade two” listed buildings than anywhere else in England outside London.

Liverpool – EnglandBut the real reason people visit this amazing city is for the music and the nightlife. Liverpool is famous for its music, and the city has produced some of the best bands in the twentieth century and is still churning them out. Liverpool is a compact city and easy for party goers to walk from entertainment area to entertainment area without the need for taxis. Try Matthew Street, Hardman Street, The Georgian Quarter if you fancy lively pubs, or perhaps Seel Street and Hanover Street if nightclubs are your thing.

China Town is a lively part of the Liverpool scene. Aside from the terrific food that one can consume, there are also some stunning architecture on show. The local council have really spent good money on ensuring that China Town is one of the coolest places to visit. The Wi-Fi has also been upgraded in recent times which is great when you are visiting.

Another vibrant aspect of Liverpool’s China Town is the number of casinos that are can be found here. If you are not able to visit the casino’s locally you can still find games online from pretty much any corner of this great location. Remember it’s only a short walk from the Georgian Quarter.

Prague – Czech Republic

Ibiza – SpainPrague has been receiving stag and hen parties for over twenty years and is a firm favorite with “party people”. Prague is steeped in history and the City is as pretty as a picture. Small quaint medieval streets meander through the city, and many people head down to the Vlatava River to have an early evening drink under Charles Bridge.

Your money will definitely go a long way in Prague, but be warned the Czech beers are delicious but also strong. Most revelers seem to prefer the bars and clubs around the Old Town Square, which is itself straight out of Walt Disney movie.

Ibiza – Spain

No blog about party places in Europe would be complete without featuring Ibiza. One of the Balearic Islands, Ibiza is a charming island, nestling in the Mediterranean Sea. But over the past couple of decades the island has transformed itself into the party capital of the world. Ibiza has firmly established itself as “The All-Night Raver”. Some of the world’s most famous DJ’s first cut their teeth down in the Mediterranean: David Guetta, Luciano and Sven Vath et al, all found fame and fortune playing dance music in Ibiza.

Munich – Germany

Munich – GermanyThe Bavarian capital Munich hosts the largest beer festival in the world called “Oktoberfest”, but there is much more to this party loving city than the festival. Munich is also home to the “Beer Halls” which quite honestly have to be seen to be believed. There are also raunchy cabaret clubs and fine cocktail bars in this most interesting of cities. The highlight of the club scene in Munich is “P1” which has been partying since the 1940’s, most celebrities in town can be seen at “P1” but as you would expect, the drinks are a little on the expensive side.

Munich is great for all types of live music, perhaps the best-known place is, “Feierwerk” which hosts just about every known music genre including: Indie, Rock, Punk, Electronic and even Hip Hop. If you prefer Jazz, then there is only one place to head over to and that is, “Jazz club Unterfaht”.  The cozy establishment is a great place to chill-out, and perhaps get over the night before!

These unique places all have one thing in common, they love to party, and the people that visit them love to party too. But they are also great places to visit for other reasons, many have fine architecture, stunning beaches, great shopping, buzzing music scenes and great food. And the inhabitants of these fine places love to welcome visitors and are also extremely proud of their fine home.