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Survival Tips for Ibiza – Part 1

Some people take an Ibiza holiday to an endurance test, and some people have even made a comparison between surviving Ibiza and that of a war. Ibiza is a party person’s paradise, but what type of party largely depends on the individual. Let’s not fool anyone, Ibiza is serious business, trying to enjoy yourself for twenty-four hours for ten to fourteen days is nigh impossible and dangerous. There are unwritten guidelines that you should follow if you want to return home in one piece.

Remember it is not a holiday camp, and there are no parents, teachers or camp authorities to look after you. You have to survive Ibiza all by yourself with a little help from your friends. In this blog we will dispense good information of getting the very best of your party experience.

Select Your Party Style

Some people prefer to party early and get a good night’s sleep at midnight, if you do then Ibiza is probably not for you. If you prefer to opt for partying until sunrise then you will have to change your habits. Americans and Brits are the most vulnerable as they are used to bars closing relatively early, but the European way of partying has always been much later. Ibiza offers almost 24-hour partying if you desire and the biggest piece of advice is not to rush at it like a kid in a candy shop as you will burn out in a couple of days. Some venues open at noon to midnight, others from midnight to sunrise, choose one or the other and respect your body.

Stay Hydrated

After a heavy night partying it is most tempting to lay in the sun all day sleeping off a hangover. Sunny days and hangovers are not good bedfellows, hangovers are because of dehydration and the sun also is a way of getting dehydrated. Just remember to stay hydrated, coconut water is excellent for this and sports drinks such as Gatorade are full of nutrients and salts to replenish lost ones. Avoid alcohol during the day, drink plenty of smoothies with fresh fruit and limit your sunbathing.

Get Enough Sleep

Another great temptation of Ibiza is to party all day and night, this is just not possible as your body does not function properly without the ideal amount of sleep. If you are a night owl take the opportunity during the day to get some rest, find a spot out of the sun where you can take a nap and reinvigorate the body. Many people stretch out in the burning Ibiza sun for their rest and recuperation, but your hangover will feel even worse if it is combined with a sunstroke. If you have intent of hitting the beach, then make sure you have the correct amount of sunscreen applied so you do not burn.

In the part two of how to get the very best out of your Ibiza holiday and experience the best possible time, we are going to look into the type of shoes you wear, and how much money you can expect to part with.