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Survival Tips for Ibiza – Part 2

Our blog about surviving Ibiza and getting the most out of your Ibiza experience continues with how important your footwear choice is and how much money you will need. In part one we looked at staying hydrated and planning how you intend to party in respect to sleep patterns and nourishment. All these factors will contribute whether or not you will have the best party ever and return home able to carry on as normal and not a broken wreck.

Select Appropriate Footwear

This may sound very much from the Bridget Jones book of partying, but believe it or not what you wear on your feet can be a big contributing factor if you enjoy yourself or not. Skip your normal shoes that you would wear back at home going clubbing, Ibiza is no place for stilettos or high heels. Admittedly there are dress codes in some of the glitzy clubs and bars but as long as you are not in flip flops you should be okay. Select shoes you can dance in and can comfortably wear for long periods of time. Your body will thank you the following day when you can walk normally and your ankles, knees and back will not cry in pain.

Plan Your Partying

One of the down sides of Ibiza is that going clubbing is expensive and can be a total disaster without the right planning. It is not just the admittance fees into the clubs and the price of the drinks, it is trying to get around without paying for expensive taxis all the time.

There is nothing worse than after a great night your evening partying is destroyed by waiting two hours for a cab to take you home. If you are going to another town to party perhaps it is worth staying at a cheap hotel, that way you will not need taxis and you will avoid all the large queues. Another option is perhaps to take advantage of pre-sale tickets and go to the club slightly earlier and avoid the taxi queues.

Work Out Your Budget

Even if you stayed at home and went clubbing every night you can expect to spend all your money at a fast rate. Well Ibiza is worse than that, the party island has a captive audience and you have to expect to spend money. Before even travel to Ibiza set a budget and save, there is no point going if you can’t afford to leave the hotel. For an idea of cost, the best clubs will cost you $80 for entrance and a bottle of water will probably cost you $8/10, for something alcoholic you are looking at $25.

Pick the places you really want to go to and plan ahead, so you can mix those nights with other less expensive ones, perhaps a beach party or two. Ibiza can really be a fantastic experience if you are into EDM and partying, if you take the advice offered in this blog then you can make it a truly memorable experience and one that you will bother your friends back at home  telling them what a special time you had.