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Calm Side of Ibiza

The Calm Side of Ibiza

When people hear the word Ibiza, they mostly think about the parties, clubs, hotels, and beach resorts the island is well-known for. Less is known about the quiet north part of the island, San Juan Bautista, and other great spots that has nothing in common with crazy and wild parties. The island has become so synonymous with partying, alcohol, and drugs, so the concept of party tourism became the whole new niche in the field of tourism. However, the local people are not very happy about the negative label of the never-ending hedonistic life even if it brings a lot of money. Step put of the narrow understanding about the great island of Ibiza as it has much more to offer.

No Parties, No Clubs

After landing at the Ibiza airport of San José, most people are choosing the same destination to Playa d’en Bossa. It is the long stretch of beach where the wild parties for thousands of people are hosted. But for the surprise of many travelers, there are more roads and destinations even if Ibiza is not very big. Also, there is the party season that lasts from the early June until the late September when all the students must leave parties and go back to classes. And that is the time to travel for people who are looking for something more than partying all night long after taking a pill.

If you want a peaceful retreat, the northern part of the island is the perfect place to go, especially the north east where there are many secluded, beautiful, picturesque, calm beaches. As soon as you get off the paved main road on the island, you are heading to unimaginably beautiful and serenely quiet spots. There are rural hotels perfectly suited for both family vacations and romantic holidays. Of course, there is also the inevitable development where the old, characteristic fincas are being torn down to make way for new, often luxurious modern holiday homes.

Yoga, Rest, and Inner Peace

There is no doubt Ibiza has some of the most inspiring sunsets in the world that will make speechless even the most unromantic persons. The best part is that you can choose from a lot of different spots to watch the sky turn through a spectrum of red, orange, and pink without being interrupted by other people. However, Es Vedra might be called the best stage of this spectacular view.

Yoga, Rest, and Inner Peace
Yoga, Rest, and Inner Peace

Ibiza is a perfect place for yoga lovers and beginners as here you can practice with the best instructors. If you are seeking to calm down and achieve some inner peace, India is not the only one spot. Here in Ibiza, you can retreat yourself in the most beautiful surroundings. So why not getting out of the hustle and bustle of city and head to the magical island of Ibiza to relax and reconnect with your body and mind? There are so many offers to join yoga camps for a week in a beautiful typical Ibizan house with 2 daily yoga classes and delicious vegetarian food close to the little villages and seaside.