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The History of Ibiza’s Clubs

How was it that such a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea became the Mecca for dance music across the globe? The Balearic isle has been a popular tourist haven since the 1930’s, its rich history and fantastic beaches have drawn people to Ibiza in their droves. An eclectic band of painters, writers, musicians have always found inspiration on the shores of the magic white island way before its first cultural revolution which was the 60’s flower power movement.

The 1970’s

Ibiza really came to life as far as modern tourism is concerned in the 1970’s, when Spain and its islands were the premier destination for tourists from Great Britain and Europe. This boom has not stopped, music styles may have changed a little but as a tourist destination, Ibiza is just as popular now than it ever has been.


The first proper nightclub in Ibiza was Amnesia, and in the 1970’s this magnificent 18th century finca was transformed into one of Europe’s super-clubs. But the first modern club was Pacha in 1973, it was part of a nightclub empire with many others on mainland Spain, and Piti Urgell was the founding DJ.


During the rest of the 70’s and mid 80’s the music scene really took off on Ibiza and it was this small island that was influencing the music scene back in places like the United Kingdom, and not the other way around. In 1989 Space opened its doors and Ibiza never looked back, it had an open terrace and there were scenes of thousands of revellers greeting airliners as they danced the night away. Some witnesses say that the roars emanating from the throng were louder than the actual music.

The Music

The modern Ibiza scene has always been heavily reliant on its music and the DJ’s that play it. Just type into to your browser Ibiza Anthems and dozens of results will pop up. From the phenomenal rave scene of the 90’s to way back to the hippie days of the 60’s, Ibiza has been synonymous with music. Many music tourists will travel thousands of miles just to see and listen to their favourite dance DJ’s performing at some of the biggest venues in the world. Two DJ’s in particular made a great impact in the early days of the Ibiza revolution, and they were: Paul Oakenfield and Danny Rampling.

Billboard’s Nine Best Ibiza Clubs

In a recent edition of Billboard Magazine, Dorian Lynskey names his favorite nine Ibiza clubs, not quite a perfect ten, but good enough. They are: Amnesia, DC-10, Destino, Eden, Heart, Pacha Ibiza, Privilege, Space Ibiza, and Ushuaia. Some of these we have already mentioned, and some a little bit of a surprise, but nevertheless this is Billboard’s list and really it sums up the current music scene on the island.

Ibiza’s clubs are legendary, with almost the same superstar tag that surrounds the DJ’s that play in them. It is quite a remarkable story how one small island just off the coast of Spain could dominate the world of dance music in the way it has