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The LGBTQ Traveller’s Guide to Ibiza

With the inclusion and the celebration of the LGBTQ community that is prevalent around the world these days, there is a lot of love to share in a place like Ibiza. As a place on the Mediterranean, the small island in Spain is the most preferred by the LGBTQ community around the world. With gay-friendly local, the island offers something for different populations and crowds. Depending on what you wish to do, there is something that Ibiza has for everyone. The infamous nightlife for one is by far the best party life that you will ever imagine in your lifetime. The beaches that you can visit to get a tan amongst beautiful people is another favourite. In real words, experiences in Ibiza are never a disappointment. If you are traveller seeking some sights and knowledge, then the historical views of Ibiza are fantastic. Not to forget the gastronomical delights that you will get to experience will put every food-lover, in a food coma that they would never want to get out off.

Travelling and Staying in Ibiza

Travel agents and travel websites, always run a host of deals for going to Ibiza because of its popularity, so watch out for what best works for you. Getting to Ibiza means you are all set to start the party right when you set foot on the plane. When looking for accommodation, you might get a lot of places around Ibiza to stay, but opt to stay in proper Ibiza if you want to be in the middle of everything that happens. This is the best way you can explore the island. If you are not so keen about being a part of the crowd in Ibiza, then don’t travel during the summer months. While the place is fantastic during summer, the crowds are equally massive; everyone going in hopes of getting a piece of the pie.

In winter, the whole island becomes quiet, and there is a drop in tourism numbers. This time of year is best suited for those who rather experience Ibiza without the drama of the crowds. Winter travel to Ibiza does not mean you get a wrong end of the deal, and you simply get to experience tranquillity here while enjoying the famous haven. Formentera is a place that is away from Ibiza but a popular destination that is easily accessible and has tranquil beaches and fantastic culture. San Antonio is to the west of Ibiza and is a major town to explore here. Language is not a very big problem in Ibiza.

Experiencing The Island

While the official language is Catalan, most people can understand and communicate in English and Spanish. Transport is usually by car here, and most tourists rent one when they get here. For those who don’t wish to rent a car to do much of the exploring, then a taxi will work fine too but will be feasible only if you stay in the town in Ibiza. The villages in and around Ibiza is easily commutable, and bus lines are cheap too. Several gay-friendly hotels are very common in Ibiza and so are many of the sights and nightlife.