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Top DJ’s to Play in Ibiza – Part 2

Continuing on from part 1, we will now take a closer look at some of the best DJ’s ever to grace the White Island. Last time out we covered, Pete Tong, Dave Pearce, Judge Jules, Luciano and Steve Lawler.

Carl Cox

Having spent over 23 years on the Island, Carl Cox is quite simply one of the best DJ’s around. The 51-year-old techno titan still has the enthusiasm and energy to work his Tuesday night crowds into a near frenzy. Space and Cox are the epitome of a marriage made in music. It has been suggested that Cox would retire in 2017; however, as of yet he is still going strong. Retirement for one of Ibiza’s most-loved DJ’s would be a sad day indeed.

Danny Rampling

Danny Rampling was born in Stratham, London in 1961. The English DJ has been widely credited as one of the original founders of the UK’s club/rave scene. Ramplings career began at the start of the 80’s, playing a mixture of funk, soul and hip-hop around numerous clubs and bars throughout London. He joined the BBC’s Radio 1 channel in 1994, where he presented the “Love Groove Dance Party” until 2002, in which time it was the 2nd longest running music radio show behind Pete Tong’s “Essential Selection”. Rampling became the inaugural winner of the annual No 1 DJ in the World Award, back in 1991. The auspicious award is part of the DJ Magazine and very highly respected. It is thought that during his time as a DJ he sold over 1 Million of his own compilation mixes.

Paul Oakenfold

Another top British DJ, this time Paul Oakenfold. Born in August 1963, Oakenfold is a top DJ who has gone on to gain numerous awards during his high-profile career. He has won the Grammy Award twice and also been twice nominated for the World Music Awards. In addition to this DJ Magazine voted him the No1 DJ in the World twice. Consecutive years saw Oakenfold pick up the world-renowned price in both 1998 and 1999. Aside from being one of Ibiza’s top DJ’s, Oakenfold is best known for his collaboration with top artists. He has provided over 100 fantastic mixes for top singers and bands around the world, including:

  • U2
  • Madonna
  • New Order
  • The Rolling Stones
  • Massive Attack
  • The Stone Roses

To further add to his credibility, when the Perfecto remix of the U2 hit “Even Better Than the Real Thing” was released it gained a higher chart position than the original U2 version.

DJ Alfredo

Argentinian born Alfredo Fiorito was born in the town of Rosario. After emigrating to Spain, he arrived on the White Isle in the September of 1976. He became one of the top names at Amnesia, where his eclectic style had a major influence on party-goers. So much so that he was nicknamed the “Father of the Balearic Beat”. In 1987 Johnny Walker, Nicky Holloway, Paul Oakenfold and Danny Rampling visited Alfredo’s club in Ibiza. They were so impressed by the music that he created that when they returned to London they set about recreating some of the music that they heard. Rampling set up what is widely regarded as the UK’s first Balearic rave, the set was a club night experienced called Shoom.