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Top DJ’s to Play in Ibiza

Ibiza has been home to some of the biggest and best night clubs Europe has ever seen. The Balearic island is still ranked as one of the top destinations by Millions of party-goers every year. Some of the best DJ’s have played sets at the white island, many of whom would refer to Ibiza as like a 2nd home to them. This blog will take a closer look at some of the very best DJ’s that have graced Ibiza and its numerous clubs. These are our top picks.

Pete Tong

Without question, Pete Tong remains one of the best-known celebrity DJ’s around. He has been at the core of Radio 1, since joining the BBC station way back in 1991. For the first 15 years he had a top-rated show called “the essential selection”. The show still continues to this day, playing out on a Friday evening from 10pm for 3 hours. Tong, himself airs the show from the garage of his L.A home. He was the resident DJ at Pacha nightclub in Ibiza between 2003 and 2007 and was instrumental in the success of the 2008 Pure Pacha events. He now divides his time between the US, UK and Ibiza.

Dave Pearce

Another UK DJ, this time Dave Pearce. Despite playing at pretty much all of the UK’s most respected and known clubs, it was his 10-year stint at Ibiza’s Residency club that he is most proud of. Easily recognized as one of Ibiza’s strongest house music promoters, Pearce’s “Euphoria” and “Anthems” concepts are perhaps as well known as the beautiful sunset at Cafe Mambo.

Judge Jules

With over 15 years of Ibiza under his belt, Judge Jules is another DJ that really needs no introducing. He is globally recognized as an English ambassador for house and electro tunes. His regular set on a Friday evening has musically touched just about every corner of the globe. Jules, born Julius O’Riordan attributed the Judge part of his name to a degree in law. During his time studying he used to host parties, where he was the DJ. He soon got labelled with the “Judge” name and it has stuck ever since.


A relative newcomer to the club scene of Ibiza, Luciano first arrived in 2011. He is best known for a strong fusion of Latin rhythms with techno beats, the music he produces is extremely dynamic. The high energy DJ has graced the white island for a little time now; however, his music fusion is unquestionable some of the most popular on the island. 2015 saw the return to Space nightclub where he plays out his weekend shows.

Steve Lawler

Widely dubbed the “King of Space”, Lawler began his Ibiza career back in 1995 with performances at the legendary Cafe Mambo. A multi-year residency at Space, Ibiza shot the Birmingham born DJ / producer to international stardom. As a mark of Lawler’s consistency over the years he has received 5 awards and a further 11 nominations at the annual DJ Awards, held in Pacha, Ibiza.