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Top Ibiza Chill Out Places

Ibiza is known the whole world over for being probably a party capital, lovers of dance and fun descend on Ibiza to have their proverbial thirsts quenched. However, when the night drifts away and the DJ’s pack their mp3 files and disappear some party goers want to keep things going, albeit at a more sedate pace. The “sunset” bar was born to cater for pre-party clubbers and also those wanting a more chilled out feeling.

This then became a highly attractive proposition to many worn out souls, to “chill out” after a hectic night raving, and to have a spot of detox. New venues started popping up all over Ibiza to cater for these “quiet storm” events and DJ’s started a new craze for “chill out” music. We take a look at some of the best “chill out” venues that Ibiza has produced.

Cafe del Mar

Cafe del Mar is one of the oldest and most famous venues on the island. It was the original “sunset” venue to feature a fabulous location, together with top DJ’s laying down some serious “chill out” music. Cafe del Mar offers an incredible backdrop of the Mediterranean, and produced fabulous cocktails. The crowds loved this new concept and the venue has never looked back. Since its inception in 1980 this ground-breaking venue still draws the people through its doors, although it does have serious competition today.


Located a little further along on sunset strip from Cafe del Mar is Kanya, relaxation is the name of the game at Kanya and it offers superb loungers that overlook the majestic Mediterranean. Clubbers can look forward to some serious tunes being played on a “banging” sound system, whilst they sip their cocktails and perhaps have a bite to eat. Kanya does not just cater for tourists, it is a popular hangout for the island’s workers and the atmosphere is real friendly. Join in all the fun by the pool, or watch the crimson sun dip down behind the horizon, it’s your choice. Kanya recently closed for refurbishment, so it is worthwhile checking before you go.

Cafe Mambo

Cafe Mambo is one of San Antonio’s real gems, a fantastic restaurant and bar that holds a prime position on sunset strip. The venue differs from most of Ibiza’s “chill out” places as it is a truly great restaurant serving delicious food to its patrons. Whilst also being one of the top places for globally renowned DJ’s to play. Guy Gerber, Martin Solveig, Solomun and Bob Sinclair regularly play at Cafe Mambo. Alongside all this Cafe Mambo still has its original charm when it was a small house, you can still see the mosaics and white marble furniture from days long gone.

These three “chill out” venues are some of the best that Ibiza has to offer. Take a stroll down sunset strip and wander in and out of a few to select your perfect “chill out” evening. Then relax in a comfortable lounger, order a cocktail and let the music flow over your body as you watch the sun say “goodnight”.