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Wine & Olive Oil in Ibiza

As soon as you mention Ibiza to anybody they think of huge nightclubs with pounding EDM music. But Ibiza has not always been about superstar DJ’s and hedonistic followers. There are parts of Ibiza that could not be further than the hectic dance scene and they allure travelers with their landscapes, the wonderful Mediterranean climate, and the warm and friendly welcome.

Ibiza produces some great natural products that will invoke childhood memories of ripe fruits and delicious flavors. The seafood and locally caught fish are simply superb, and the Island’s cuisine has been passed on from generation to generation, as families gathered together to enjoy communal foods.

There are two rather special products that Ibiza is not really well known for but are well worth trying out on a visit.


The Island has a long history of importing wine from neighboring regions that dates back to around the 6th Century. The Greeks and the Romans imported wines in abundance and slowly smallholdings started to pop up to produce wine on the island.

Mostly the production of these smallholdings was for private consumption, and this tradition has been passed down through the family right to the present day.

It was on the Pityusic Islands that the wine trade started in earnest in this part of the Mediterranean, and from 1990 these wines have become highly popular on Ibiza. The wines are part of a limited production industry, but as the saying goes, quality before quantity.

The wines made here are deep, packed full of flavor, with a slight balsamic vinegar acidity to them. Try Monastrell and Garnacha wines as these are two of the very best. The wines on Ibiza are grown around the areas of Sant Josep, Buscastel, and San Mateu, and the wineries are a great day out for visitors.  

Olive Oil

Olive Oil is so important to the Mediterranean diet that it is almost treated like a good wine. And Ibiza has been producing quality olive oil since ancient times. You can see this by traveling around the island and seeing olive groves in abundance together with quaint old pressing mills.

Ibiza does not make excess oil for export, that is why to taste the true olive oil of Ibiza you have to travel there. But today there are two new modern mills that can cater for excessive demand.

The most popular type of olive grown in Ibiza is the empeltre which is also known as the Ibiza olive. Two other varieties are also grown for oil production, picual, and arbequina. Both the empeltre, and the arbequina olives produce very fruity oil, and by adding picual olives it helps to introduce stronger flavor into the finished product.

If you wish to try some of the best olive oil when visiting then look for the sign Oli d’e on the label as this guarantees the highest quality oil, and that the product is made in Ibiza.

What could be more synonymous with Ibiza, sitting by a beach with a local bread doused in rich olive oil and washing it down with a sturdy local wine, pure heaven.